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Your State Of Emergency - Renderyard
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  • Description:  â€˜Your State of Emergency’ is a 30 minute film that tells the brutal story of a middle class white family being taken in for extraordinary interrogation by an unknown force, detained indefinitely with out charge for being part of a million people protest march against the Government. The film has touched a nerve both in the UK and across the world, written by Mark Ashmore four years ago while experiencing the aftermath of Pol Pots brutal regime in Cambodia the film now reflects the State of Emergency in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Burma, Iran, China, UK? Your State Of Emergency is a political film in the same mould as the anti propaganda films produced under any harmful regime. Premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film festival, and has won over critics around the world, watch the film and talk directly to the director and Producer MARK ASHMORE - Twitter @futureartists or , like this join the mailer at http// and come to our events, screenings and happenings.
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Date: 12-09-10
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It is a very relevant subject now that users of WEB 2.0 and new technologies are making available sensitive information to massive audiences. There is a need to consider how to respond on critical situations.

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By: ttx3
Date: 25-10-10
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Superb! Edgy and raw view of what life could be like in a totalitarian state; excellent acting by all, and especially heartbreaking performances by the women-glad I got the opportunity to see this film!

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