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Kagaj (Paper) - Renderyard
Now Playing: Kagaj (Paper)
  • Description:  There is a new recruit with a group of children. She is young and wants to join the group. These group of kids roam the streets of Kathmandu picking trash, paper and other wastes. Some they keep some they throw. 2 little boys come together to argue about the time on the clock. Clearly indicating that they are confused about the digits as he shows 4 fingers but is saying its 3. A girl spells out the words outside a restaurant with longing eyes and empty stomach. These children roam around every where. Only to gather under a tree in the evening and taking out all the papers that they have collected. Then when a young man appears they seem excited to give them these pieces of papers that they have collected. The young man collects all of these and staples it together only to form an alphabet book which the children keep and read together. The little girl had joined a group of children who set out in search of words and education. And the young man carrying the hope of these young ones to educate the world.
  • Tags:  Children  paper  books  street  kids  orphanage  waste  recycle  papers heart  love  respect  teacher  students  girl  boy  
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