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Endless - Renderyard
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  • Description:  Horror telling the story of a siege that takes place in a tower-block bathroom. The film was made for a recession-busting £800 ($1,200) which, minute-for-minute, is a 100th the budget of a British soap opera. It was shot on the Phantom Gold HD camera, a Sony HD Pro cam, and a iPhone 4 -It used frame rates of 400, 800 and 1,000 frames per second. The actual action of the story in real life would be 30 seconds long. It was shot in a studio in Manchester, England. The opening music and slow sound effects were created using the excellent Paul Stretch program http// Written, Produced Directed by Matt Bloom http// CAST... Lucy Jenna Harrison Abraham Chris Geere Mina Katy Gannon Westenra Martina McClements CREW... Cinematography Paul Lilley http// Casting Jo Adamson http// Music Dave Andrews http// VFX Christopher L Bray Editor Sound Design Matt Bloom Dubbing Mixer Fred Pearson Costume Design Scott Langridge Make Up Design Gemma Surtees
  • Tags:  Matt  Bloom  MattBloom  short  film  horror  Endless  Hurricane  Films  Jenna Harrison  Chris  Geere  Katy  Gannon  Martina  McClements  Paul  Lilley  Jo Adamson  northern  spirit  creative  Dave  Andrews  two13m  Christopher Bray  Scott  Langridge  Gemma  Surtees  sex  nudity  slow  motion  Phantom  HD gold  shower  woman  in  shower  renderyard  
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