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Renderyard Premium

Join Premium for £30 a year

Benefits you can enjoy with a Premium account

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Being part of Renderyard Premium allows you to:

* 2GB max upload limit instead of 100mb
* Sell your films in our Film Store
* Earn Money from Advertising connected to your film views
* Promote your film on the front of Renderyard
* Premium Films featured in our monthly Newsletter sent to over 5000 readers
* Embed your Premium Films on any web site
* HD Quality video encoding
* Link directly to Your Web Site
* 2GB Account Limit
* £30 per extra 1GB
* Have your films viewed by our global film audience
* Network with other Premium account users

The Premium service is for any Film maker that has created a film and wants to upload it to our exclusive Premium sevice. We promote a new Premium Film each week on the front of the Renderyard web site to our Global audience and all Renderyard film users. As a Premium user you can also sell your films in our online film store and promote your films across our wide film network. Get your Premium film promoted in our monthly newsletter that is received by over 5000 readers.

To Join follow the steps below.

* Pay a yearly fee of £30 - 32€ - $40
* Receive your 2GB Upload Password
* Upload your Films (2GB limit)
* Upload your Film Details

Use the Pay Now button to make your payment and Receive your Premium account Username & Password.

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