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New VOD Titles

Roundwood Timber Framing by renderyardchannel

Roundwood Timber Framing

Woodsman Ben Law presents a step-by-step design and build process for a locally sourced beautiful Roundwood Timber Framed building.
He shows other examples of builds including houses, a shop and a small outhouse. Also includes guidance for the creation of
cordwood walls and rammed earth floors. Ben Law's Woodland house has been publicly voted as most popular on
Channel 4's Grand Designs. Filmed entirely on HD.

Makers Our Story - Filmmaking Documentary by renderyardchannel

Makers Our Story

‘Inspiring!’ 'A compelling take on the UK independent film industry’
'The most important film on the UK independent film industry of its time…'
'This documentary will inspire you to make your films and finish them by any means possible.' - Renderyard
'The most important documentary on the British Independent Film Industry of its time.' Makers Our Story has been
written and produced by independent filmmakers living and working in the UK. With the help and support of many
talented and passionate individuals the producers of Makers have brought a unique and groundbreaking story to
the screen. Aiming to reach wide and diverse audiences all over the world, with this story of triumph over
adversity, the producers of Makers have unearthed amazing gems! Makers provides an insight and understanding of
the work and lives of independent filmmakers here in the UK, their inspiration, journey and delivery.

Ambleton Delight by renderyardchannel

Ambleton Delight

During the apple harvest season, a small Sussex village by the name of Ambleton is rocked by a government proposal
for a nearby motorway, a concept rejected by the popular town mayor, but embraced by a talented restaurateur
and chef John Miller, who is battling his own past as well as the historical village's concept of change.
It ultimately leads to inspiration and devastation, as seen through the eyes of a young, unemployed restaurant pianist.

The Dust Never Settles by renderyardchannel

The Dust Never Settles

Composed of footage recorded during a fourteen month, 50,000 kilometer
road tour of Australia with a soundtrack by Australian three piece The Dirty Three. Placing fascinating and
humorous encounters with the unconventional individuals who inhabit some of the country's most remote areas
against a wilderness of unimaginable magnitude the director transcends conventions of traditional documentary
with her impartial approach and distinctive visual style. The Dust Never Settles is a rare document
of the endlessly diverse landscape and culture of a continent, and a unique vision of contemporary Australia.

Tokyo Comedy Store

An in-depth documentary about Japanese comedy and culture as seen through
the eyes of an aspiring American comedian.

The Dreamtime by renderyardchannel

The Dream Time

Indigenous tourism helps to reconcile the two different Australian peoples.
In the North Territory, Indigenous tourism helps to reconcile the two
different Australian peoples the Europeans want to be forgiven for the
tragic colonial period; the aborigines try to preserve their ancient roots
from the present and the future.

Diary Of A Discraced Soldier by renderyardchannel

Diary Of A Disgraced Soldier

In 2004, Corporal Martin Webster filmed some of his fellow British soldiers
beating Iraqi youths in Al Amarah. It was his commentary that people heard
when the film was leaked to the British newspaper, News of the World and was
shown across the globe. Despite no charges being brought against him,
Martin left the Army soon afterwards Diary of a Disgraced Soldier follows him
from the day he leaves the Army, on an intense journey that sees him struggle
to come to terms with post-military life haunted by that video.
"Diary of a Disgraced Soldier is not for the faint hearted. 4 stars." Student Direct
Mancunion - Review "Hands down winner of best film of the festival." Little White Lies
Cornwall Film Festival Review "No matter what you think of the Iraq war, there is great
insight to be had in this compelling picture." Manchester Mule - Review

Children Of The Congo From War To Witches by renderyardchannel

Children Of The Congo: From War To Witches

is available to watch now and on Renderyard we are donating money raised from each
view the film gets to the Eastern Congo Initiative so start watching today.
In the brutal war in Congo where over five million people have died in the past decade,
children have endured the brunt of the suffering. "Children of Congo" documents the plight
of street children living in Kinshasa and confirms the wide-spread accusations of child witchcraft,
torture and child prostitution.

The film also examines the efforts to reintegrate demobilized child soldiers, displaced refugees,
and orphaned children following the eruption of the massive Nyiragongo volcano, near the city
of Goma in Eastern Congo. These heroic efforts are finally bringing some measure of hope and
stability to the lives of the Congolese people.

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Your State Of Emergency by renderyardchannel

Your State Of Emergency

A very interesting and disturbing look at life that could be our near future. The frightening point
about this film, is this could happen. It has the feel of a condensed "1984". But "Your State"
brings that image right up to date and in your face. Mark Ashmore is a young actor, writer and
director and who also appears in his own film.

Mark has created an amazing realistic plot, with an excellent cast. The sound and lighting give
it that authentic perspective. Even the music complements the whole image. It makes me fear
just what could be around the corner. But I pray we can come to our senses, before we go a step to far.
"Your State". Well worth watching. Malcolm T Gould.

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River Ways

River Ways

explores the lives of regular working people affected by the issue of four dams on Snake River
in Eastern Washington.
Filmmaker Colin Stryker journeys to Washington state, where he chronicles the lives of everyday
citizens struggling on either side of a divisive issue: whether to remove a series of
hydroelectric dams from the Snake River. While groups of American Indians, environmentalists
and fishermen advocate for removing the dams to replenish the local salmon population, farmers
and other locals rely on the dams as an inexpensive source of electricity.

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was conceived as a visual document to witness the release of the Nintendo Wii and the video-game
culture in Japan. However, it morphed into a showcase of some of the many ways in which the
Japanese spend their leisure time. Watch this brilliant and very funny film at Christmas
on our VOD channel featuring the famous Danny Choo as a Stormtrooper.

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Now The People Have Awoken: Exploring Venezuela... by renderyardchannel

Now The People Have Awoken: Exploring Venezuela's Revolution

Venezuela has never been on the international stage. Now Venezuelas new assertiveness has brought
it to the centre of international controversy. To some it has been stolen by populist dictator,
while for others, it is the centre of a continent-wide democratic revolution. There is much at stake.
Watch this fascinating and powerful documentary.

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Nato Bombed My Family by renderyardchannel

Nato Bombed My Family

In 1999, Canadian filmmaker Dana Jurcic is horrified when Canada participates in the bombing of Serbia,
home of aunt Milica. When it is safe, she and her mother travel to Croatia for a reunion with
Milica at aunt Nanika's house. Expecting conflict, Dana learns that her family is strong enough
to withstand time, distance, and war.

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When cash strapped slob Eddie Baird(Robert Laird) is told that he has the chance to be told the
winning lottery numbers he is naturally surprised. What shocked him even more was that the
mysterious (Sam Foster) character telling him was inside his own television set. In exchange
for the numbers Eddie is set six tasks to complete for each number. Is this all a hoax or is
the TV going to change his life for good? Buy the film on DVD and own it today.

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