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About Us

  Renderyard Film Network

  Renderyard is a new online video platform for filmmakers and independent music artists who
  want to share their talent with the world. You can share your films or independent music
  using the Renderyard platform for free. Competitions on Renderyard are a great way to get
  some exposure and recognition for your work. Once you have made a name for yourself using
  Renderyard, you can always upgrade to a premium account and access an expanded feature

  Filmmakers Forum

  One of the best features of Renderyard is the online forum. This is where you can connect with
  other filmmakers in the Renderyard Film Network forum. Unlike other video sharing platforms,
  Renderyard is designed specifically for filmmakers, animators, and recording artists. This means
  the forum is filled with artists that will critique your work and help you master your art.

  Filmmaker Profile

  The first step when you're getting started with Renderyard is to create an account and link it to
  your PayPal account. This way you can get a cut of the advertising that runs during your films.
  Once you create a profile, you can share your work with the world and get recognition on the
  Renderyard Film Network. There are some terms and conditions for the profit sharing that you
  should review, but Renderyard makes it possible for great work to be recognized by your peers
  and your bank account.

  Online Film Festival

  Renderyard hosts regular competitions and your films are shared with the world.
  Renderyard is like an international film festival designed for independent artists.
  Simply set up a free and account and begin entering these competitions. The more you win,
  the more your work will be recognized by others on the site.

  Free Account

  With the free account, you can show your short films and animations online in full HD.
  You can also profit from the advertising of your films. However, uploads are restricted
  to 200MB in size. This is a great account for you to get started with Renderyard, but
  you'll want to upgrade as soon as you are comfortable with the platform.

  Premium Features

  For a small fee, you can increase your upload limit to 2GB and start screening your
  feature length titles. Once your work begins to be recognized by the Renderyard
  community, a premium account will allow you to showcase your larger projects.
  With a premium account, you can also create a link back to your website so people
  that link your work can easily find you online. This is probably the best reason
  to upgrade to the premium account with Renderyard.