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Maruvaarthai Pesadhey

Added on :  2-May-2017
Views :  206
Uploaded by :  iVaishnavShravan
Maruvaarthai Pesadhey New Tamil Short Film 2017 This film relates that even a play boy falls in true love.. And also been dedicated to all true lovers Cast: Rohit kumar: https://www.facebook.com/rohitkumarzeldak Mithun prakash: https://www.facebook.com/mithun.prakash.351 Arthi Crew Cinematography: Vaishnav shravan https://www.facebook.com/iVaishnavShravan.Profile Camera assistants: Peer Mohamed https://www.facebook.com/peer.mohamed.125760 Aravind suresh https://www.facebook.com/aravind.suresh.9883 Assistant directors: Vijaya varthan https://www.facebook.com/mee.vivao9 Maithreyan https://www.facebook.com/krishnamorthy.maithreyan Music: Nikhil v bera https://www.facebook.com/NikhilVBera Joshua david raj Vfx: Irfan https://www.facebook.com/syed.jacob.3954546 Director: Abinandhan https://www.facebook.com/abhi.nandhan.39 Media Partner : Tamil Short Cuts Subscribe : http://goo.gl/3zUlj9 Contact : tamilshortcuts@gmail.com Follow us : www.youtube.com/Tamilshortcuts www.facebook.com/Tamilshortcuts www.twitter.com/Tamilshortcuts

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