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How do I Join Renderyard?

To join Renderyard simply click on the yellow highlighted Join Now button found at the top right hand side of

each web page. You then need to complete the User Registation form and enter your Pay Pal address.

You can also use the Social Login options to create your login account on Renderyard and use either your

Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus excisting accounts.


How do I Upload a Movie?

To upload a video to Renderyard you need to have an active account and then login to the account

by clicking on the user profile found to the left of the Join Now button. Simply click it and you will be

directed to our login page. Enter your Renderyard account user name and password and click login.

Or you can also use the Social Login options to login to your account on Renderyard and use either your

Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus excisting accounts. Once you have logged into your account then click

on the My Videos option found on the top far right of each web page. This will take you to the My Videos

page where you will find the Add Video option to the right of the Search window. Click the Add Video

option and then select either the URL or Upload options. The URL option allows you to add a https video

hosted link from any cloud based hosting service such as Amazon AWS, Azure and Google. Maske sure your

video is in either .mp4 or .mov format for it to display accross all computer and hand held devices.


Next add your video title and poster related image. And then complete the required video description

and tags and also choose a suitable category for your film. Then click Public so your video is available

to the public on Renderyard. You can also choose Private if you wish to keep your video invisible from

public viewers and only make the video page url available to selected viewers. This option can be handy

for private online screenings of movies and target groups of fans. Next you need to choose your

sales option. You can choose from the following video on demand models which include:

Free - AVOD Advertising video on demand. Free to watch with built in advertsing.

Sell - DTO Download to own. The buyer can purchase your video download the film once to there

device. They also keep a digital copy of the video inside there My Purchased Videos page which they

can watch when ever they are logged into there account. These videos are permentaly available for

instant viewing 24 hours a day. Choose the price you wish to sell your video for and make sure you

have added your active Pay Pal account address inorder to receive instant payments. 

Rent - VOD Video on demand. The buyer can rent your video for a 48 hour period and watch it as

many times as they wish durring this time frame. All rented videos appear inside the My Rented Video

page. After the time frame has ended the video will no longer be available to view. Choose the price

you wish to sell your video for and make sure you have added your active Pay Pal account address

inorder to receive instant payments. 

Subscribe - SVOD Subscription video on demand. The buyer can watch your video by becoming

a subscriber to the Premium Movies catergory. All videos available in this area can be watched

whilst the user is logged in. A video owner will receave 70% of the ongoing monthly subscriber

amount of each user that selects any video with this related option whilst they remain an active

subscription user.


How do I get Paid?


Why should I agree with Renderyard\'s Terms & Conditions?


What is a Non Exclusive distribution licence?


Where else will Renderyard place my movies?


How do I Unsubscribe from the Premium Movies?


How do I ask Renderyard a question?


Is Renderyard a Safe place for my movies?


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