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Author Topic: Top Quality Independent Films Thrive Online  (Read 904 times)
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« on: January 23, 2011, 11:02:14 PM »

Are you sick and tired of Hollywood releasing big budget movies that just aren't any good? How can they pour that much money into a project and have an end product that's mediocre at best? It seems that any filmmaker with actual talent can't fit into the big money Hollywood game, and you have to really search to find great independent films. Even the so-called independent film festivals today are more commercialized than ever and are used by spoiled celebrities to try to gain "cred" and further their own careers.

Experimental filmmaking is actually an enormous social force in the world, particularly now that the tools for making original films are affordable to just about anyone. But lots of people make groundbreaking, original independent films of all kinds that hardly see the light of day, because it's not easy to get their films to a lot of viewers. However, this situation is changing, because those who love great moviemaking are tired of being handed claptrap from the big budget studios, and they're discovering ways to find new films, discuss them, and share them with a wider audience.

Slowly but surely, the most original independent filmmakers are finding their audiences online, as broadband saturation makes it far easier for millions of people to watch movies online. And the best thing for fans of great movie-making is that a lot of these films are available to watch for free. Whether you're looking for dramatizations, shorts, comedies, or documentaries online, today you can find more choices than ever for entertainment that's intelligent and a far cry from the mass-produced big-budget time wasters that come from so many of the big studios.

The latest development for helping fans watch free films online is the fusion of social networking and the making and sharing of independent movies. This not only lets filmmakers find appreciative audiences for their work, but also lets fans really connect with some great films and the people who make them. Plenty of these sites online bring viewers films from every part of the world in every imaginable genre, providing a huge stash of great films that you can watch for free.

A lot of the greatest fans of independent film-making are other independent filmmakers, as well as actors and musicians, and the development of such online independent film sharing communities is making it easier than ever to collaborate, discuss films, talk about technology, and swap ideas and opinions. There are millions of people worldwide who are disillusioned by the Hollywood perception of what makes a good film and who don't need their film entertainment filtered and vetted through a big, faceless corporation somewhere. And there are lots of great filmmakers that most of us have never heard of, who aren't doing it for money or to feed their oversized egos, but who have great stories to tell on film.

Today, you can watch free films online of every length and genre, from everywhere around the world. Finding the work of upcoming and talented filmmakers is becoming easier as disaffected movie lovers are figuring out ways to connect with those who are creating quality entertainment, bypassing the Hollywood machine altogether and finding lots of great films into the bargain.

If you are searching for a website to watch free films online we have a great library of short films, documentaries, independent films and much more to keep you entertained.

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